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40 octaves

MommaLuV Skytower
bj dimatteo


youre thoughts travel faster than light play that violin create your mandala affect what matters frequent your vibrations your ryhtym on this plane is differnet than the real ONE substance of another dont - be haphazard create your tone center your chant minute in the celluar atomic INFRAstructure spiral your galaxy divide your embryo look closely into the iris look deeply into your pupil “for IN the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word is god" so said john so said john YOUR THOUGHTS TRAVEL FASTER THAN THE LIGHT OH PLAY THAT VIOLIN CREATE YOUR MANDALA ommmmmmmm inanimate you move slow be conscuiousness you move quickly faster than the light slower than frozen youre no less social than you are material no less profound YOUR THOUGHTS Travel FASTER THAN THE LIGHT no matter the seasons CHANGE the rythyms move the day & the night our hearts still beat cannot escape live for THE change a perfect pulse a complex wav connected to the universe 40 octaves high^~~ 40 OCTAVES HIGH 40 OCTAVES HIGH!!!!^~ singing from our minds~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ perceiving all of it losing most in seconds our contract started in the womb our disclaimer with life began our commitment ends with death 40 OCTAVES HIGH^~~~ no coordination no cohesiveness no grace NO GRACE! your cells are being swapped stimulated & irritated your heart will fail you may not evolve NONO your pendulum has stopped your amplitude lowered 40 OCTAVES HIGH^^^^~ are you clean? are you ready? are you listening?? ^are you listening???? ^^^YOUR THOUGHT TRAVEL FASTER THAN THE LIGHT PLAY THAT VIOLIN CREATE YOUR MANDALA EFFECT WHAT MATTERS 40 OCTAVES HIGH^^^^~~~ AHHH